What Makes Women With a Bigger Lower Lip Special?


Women with a larger lower lip than upper lip are often sociable and outgoing. They enjoy socializing with people and are often creative and dramatic. They also have an excellent parenting instinct. They value relationships above all and think about other people first. But what exactly makes these women special? Here are some characteristics to look for in them. What traits do they have in common? Read on to find out! If you’re wondering what these traits mean about you, keep reading!

Women with larger lower lip than upper lip are sociable

According to a recent study, women with a larger lower-lip-to-upper-lip ratio are more sociable. In the survey, 150 people (from conventional focus groups and Internet-based surveys) ranked 100 faces. In the majority of cases, respondents chose a lip-size ratio of 1.0. This ratio of upper-lip-to-lower-lip was found to be the most attractive, even when taken into account age, gender, country of residence, and profession.

bigger lower lip
bigger lower lip


Women with large lips have many positive attributes, including a fun and energetic personality. These women are often creative and enjoy meeting new people and going on adventures. They have good memory and are quick to remember names and faces. Their empathetic nature means they will always put others’ needs before their own. Despite having a large lower lip, these women are sociable, friendly, and have a strong desire to make others happy.

They enjoy being around people

Generally, people with a bigger lower lip enjoy being around people who are outgoing and enjoy life. These people do not enjoy 9 to 5 office jobs and often come up with innovative ways to earn money. The people with a bigger lower lip also have a sense of adventure and are always on the lookout for new places to visit or restaurants to try. Their curiosity and open-mindedness makes them a great companion.

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Big lower lip Angelina Jolie

Women with larger lower lip
Women with larger lower lip


People with a rounded cupid’s bow tend to have a compassionate and kind nature. They are likely to be upset by injustice or misfortune, but are also likely to express deep consideration for others. The person with a rounded cupid’s bow may also be generous and enjoy being around other people. They enjoy being around people who are kind and caring, but realize that it is not their place to fix everyone.

Those with big lower lip are more creative.

People with a bigger lower lip generally like an active lifestyle and like to meet new people. They are also curious and love to try new things. This makes them great adventurers. They like to try new things, visit new places, and earn money in different ways. They are also creative and like to have fun.

This combination makes them unique and fun to be around. But be careful when you date someone with a bigger lower lip; if you do, they will definitely make you laugh.


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