The Significance of a Bigger Upper Lip Than Lower Lip


If you have a fuller upper lip, you probably love drama. In fact, some people with a fuller upper lip than lower lip are known to be charismatic and funny. Here are some of the characteristics of symmetrical lips:

Size of upper lip

The most desirable facial features include a bigger upper lip than a smaller one. This facial trait is highly desirable for people who want to look and feel more attractive. The average face size is approximately 9.6 percent of the lower third of the face. People with a full upper lip are typically very charismatic and funny. While many men and women with large lips are naturally generous, there are some people who would prefer a smaller lip.

The ideal lip size is 1.618 times larger than the bottom one, and the top lip should protrude slightly farther forward. A healthy pair of lips should be wider than the nose. You can minimize the appearance of large lips by applying concealer underneath. Use a concealer that matches the skin on your lips and blend it in using an upward and downward motion. You can also use lip liner to fill in the gap.

Characteristics of symmetrical lips

In order for your lips to be symmetrical, they should be approximately 40% the width of the lower face, while the upper and lower lips should be about the same length. They should be proportional to one another as well, with the upper lip projecting 3.5 mm further forward than the lower one on a profile. The ratio should be around 1.6, although blacks have larger lips than whites.

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Characteristics of symmetrical lips
Characteristics of symmetrical lips


This type of asymmetry indicates that you are not as generous as other people in the world. People with big upper lips are likely to be self-centered, and those with small lips may be difficult to love. If you are the kind of person who likes to give and receive affection, your upper lip will probably be more symmetrical than the lower. However, if your lips are smaller than the lower, it’s worth considering marriage and long-term relationships.

Whether you should fill out your upper lip with filler

When considering cosmetic surgery for your lips, the question of whether you should fill out your upper lip with fillers comes with a lot of uncertainty. Although the popularity of cosmetic surgery has reached an all-time high, there is still a lot of stigma associated with the procedure. The new Allure series, Life in Plastic, breaks down various procedures to provide the facts about each one. In this article, we’ll look at lip filler, what it involves, potential risks, and pricing.

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Significance of cupid’s bow

What is the significance of a larger upper lip than lower one? The size of your upper lip plays a major role in your overall appearance. The cupid’s bow is the center of attraction, and people with this lip shape are very magnetic and have excellent social skills. They are also often quiet and empathetic, which are traits that people who have a defined cupid’s bow may possess.

Significance of cupid's bow
Significance of cupid’s bow


Some believe that people with a small upper lip and a large lower one should avoid pursuing relationships, because it will make them look unappealing and a turn off to men. However, it is a myth that people with thin lips are solitary and do not need close relationships.

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While some people may feel slighted by the presence of a big upper lip and a smaller lower one, they are still perfectly good partners. In addition to being sexy, these people tend to be quick-witted and creative. They may not have time to think about what to say before saying it.

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