Is Your Bottom Lip Bigger Than Your Top Lip?


Do you have a bottom lip that is larger than your top one? If so, you probably have a heart-shaped lip. Pleasure seekers have larger bottom lips than top ones, and it’s easy to see why! People with a heart-shaped lip are incredibly sensitive, with a cupid’s bow-shaped center.

These people have soft lips that are very sensitive. If your bottom lip is larger than your top one, you’re likely a pleasure seeker, and if that’s the case, you have a very soft cupid’s bow!

Lower lip bigger than upper lip

Despite the glaring negative effects of having a larger upper lip, having a fuller lower sex can actually benefit your self-esteem. According to a recent study published in the Journal of Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery, the ratio of upper lip thickness to lower lip thickness is a great predictor of attractiveness.

This study analyzed 408 individuals from the Internet and determined that people with fuller lower lips have larger overall lip size. According to this ratio, the perfect lip size is nine percent of the lower third of the face.

top Lip
top Lip


In addition to being larger than the lower, the upper lip should project 3.5 mm anterior to the line drawn from the pogonion to the subnasion. This should leave the lower lip with a slight overhang, with the ratio of upper to lower lips being about 1.6. Incorrectly positioned lips may create a trout-pout or duck-like look. Also, the lower lip should never enter the room before the upper one.

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Heart-shaped lips are more sensitive

People with heart-shaped lips are independent, charismatic, passionate, and have strong personalities. They also tend to be creative and artistic, and they often display a romantic and passionate side. Those with round lips are typically conservative and cautious in their career choices.

If you have heart-shaped lips, it’s important to wear light-colored lipstick. A white pencil or a light-colored lipstick can make the difference between the top and bottom lips less obvious.

larger upper lip
larger upper lip


Heart-shaped lips have a prominent cupid’s bow on the top lip and a sharp, defined lower lip. To emphasize this lip shape, use highlighter or a lip liner. If you have a heart-shaped lip, use a softer red color, as this will make the V appear less pronounced. If you have a cupid’s bow on your top lip, highlight the center with a highlighter.

Pleasure seekers

The implication is clear: those with bottom lip sizes larger than top lips are pleasure seekers and want to live the pampered life. On the other hand, those with naturally fuller top and bottom lips are more likely to be a mother, a caretaker, and someone who wants to have a good circle of friends.

These people are also generous and give. However, they should consider the consequences of obtaining an artificially augmented lip size.

People with larger lower lips than upper lips have a soft cupid’s bow

The shape of the upper lip is called the Cupid’s bow. This curve, which forms a pronounced bend in the center, resembles a bow carried by the Roman god Cupid. This curve is considered beautiful and can be accentuated by using hyaluronic acid-based lip fillers. However, if you’re looking for a softer, more defined Cupid’s bow, you may want to opt for lip augmentation to make your lips look fuller.

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upper lip
upper lip


Another type of soft cupid’s bow is seen on people with larger lower lips than upper lips. This type of soft cupid’s bow is characterized by large upper lips and smaller lower lips. Surgical and nonsurgical cupid’s bow treatments aim to alter this curvature, improve contour, and reverse signs of aging.

Read on to find out what other patients think about different surgical and nonsurgical cupid’s bow treatment plans.

People with larger upper lips have a strong sense of self-confidence

Typically, people with a fuller, wider upper lip are warm, friendly and nonconformist. They are generally good leaders and good performers. They value achievement and work over relationships. If you’ve ever seen a person with no upper lip, you can be sure that they aren’t thinking of others first. Although they are generally generous, they may have trouble making friends or dating someone.

Those with a large philtrum on the top of the lip tend to be artistic, creative, social creatures, and have excellent memory skills. People with full lips are also compassionate, sensitive, and caring. In general, people with a large upper lip have high self-esteem and are likely to achieve great things.

But they aren’t all born with full lips. Some people with a large upper lip don’t necessarily have large, voluminous lips.

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