How to Achieve Different Lip Styles


There are several variations of the bottom lip over the face. These include Sausage, Shelf, and Rounded Cupid’s Bow lips. This article will discuss how to achieve each style. To get the best result, make sure to practice a few techniques with a mirror. It will make achieving these different lip styles easier! Listed below are some of the most common lip styles. Then, you can practice them on yourself!

Sausage lips

Duck Lips” or overly-protruding lips are not just due to too much product or a lopsided bite. These “duck lips” are a result of overcorrection during lip injection procedures and a lack of knowledge of normal lip anatomy. Here are some tips to avoid creating “duck lips.”

Sausage lips
Sausage lips


Filler: A disproportionate amount of lip filler is not only unnatural but can make you look older. This woman had lip filler placed elsewhere, flattening her Cupid’s bow and asymmetry in her upper lip. She came to our office to enhance her appearance and to address her concerns. Her lip width is also too wide laterally, resulting in sausage-like lips. It’s important to have a balanced lip if you want to look and feel your best.

Shelf lips

In terms of proportion, a bottom lip with a shelf over it is better than a standard, oval lip. The top to bottom lip ratio is usually 1:1.6 to 1:1. The amount of space between the top and bottom lip is dependent on your face shape, ethnicity, and overall hairstyle. Lips with a shelf have a rounded bottom edge. To get the perfect balance between color and shape, make sure your lip shape is in proportion to the rest of your face.

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Top Lip Over Face

If you have an undefined Cupid’s bow on your bottom lip, you should know that you are not alone. People with a peaked cupid’s bow are often highly creative, have an excellent memory, and enjoy being creative. While many people with a defined bow come off as brash, they can also appear refined and caring. But, if you have a completely flat cupid’s bow, you should know that you are not the only one suffering from this problem.

Undefined Cupid’s Bow

While the lips are often paired together, women who put on lipstick usually follow the outline of the philtrum. The philtrum, also known as the love charm, was first mentioned by the Greeks in the 17th century. It was named after the Roman god of love, Cupid. People with undefined Cupid’s bows tend to be trustworthy and generous, and their lips are likely to be undefined. They may not be socially conscious, but they tend to be generous.

Undefined Cupids Bow
Undefined Cupids Bow

Rounded Cupid’s Bow

The shape of your lips when they are puckered up is called your cupid’s bow. It can be slightly more prominent in some people, like Taylor Swift, whose lip shape resembles a heart. In general, cupid’s bows are associated with love, romance, and sexuality.

Taylor Swift

Rounded Cupids Bow
Rounded Cupids Bow


But, as Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry show, cupid’s bows are not necessarily the same thing. Some have larger bows than others, and others have smaller ones.

Different Lip Styles

For a more natural-looking cupid’s bow, add a little highlighter to enhance the shape. You can also use lip liner to accentuate the peaks. Another way to enhance your cupid’s bow is to slightly overline the outer corners of your lips with lip liner. Make sure you don’t go too far away from your natural lip line and stick to the shape of your lips. While everyone’s cupid’s bows are unique, the tips and tricks below will help you soften or define yours.

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