How to Draw Aesthetic Anime Lips


If you love to draw anime, you may have wondered how to draw aesthetic anime lips. Well, there are several things you can do to achieve the desired look. You first need to understand the anatomy of real lips. Draw an open mouth and observe how the top and bottom lip are shaped. Once you know what the shape of each of these parts are, you can easily achieve the perfect anime lips. Anime characters with perfect lips are easy to draw!

Closed mouth 3/4 example

anime lips
anime lips


Aesthetic anime lips can be created in many different ways. One technique involves drawing a simple curve for the mouth. Then, when drawing an entire face from the side, the artist will include the upper and lower lip. Creating an asymmetrical mouth in an anime drawing will require a little more attention to detail. Here are a few tips to help you create an aesthetic anime lip:

  • To draw a good anime mouth, you must learn to draw in perspective.
  • The closed mouth 3/4 example illustrates a close-mouthed person’s mouth in a perspective of three-quarters.
  • This view emphasizes the lower lip’s setback relative to the upper.
  • The closed-mouthed character has an upper lip that hangs over the lower one.
  • The lower lip is a little lower than the upper one, which is a common aesthetic anime mouth style.

Redline anime lips

REDLINE, the latest in the Cannonball Run series, is a compilation of showreels, festival shorts, and anthology discs from the past decade. With an emphasis on a comical tone, the animated series is a must-see. And with its unique twists, it’s worth checking out even if you’re not a fan of sci-fi or anime. But how does Redline compare to its predecessor?

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First, it looks like it was crafted by people on illicit substances and adrenaline. It’s so ridiculous that it seems to be intended for mouth-breathers and people who like to watch flashy things. It’s also incredibly disappointing that the character interactions don’t do justice to the overall production.

mouth in an anime drawing
mouth in an anime drawing


JP is a bit over-cocky and his romance with Sonoshee never feels believable. Despite its incredibly high production values, Redline won’t change the world, but it won’t change your perceptions of Japanese anime.

One reason that the movie has received so much positive attention is that it’s an original animated series. The series features a diverse cast of characters, including a gangster and a woman who runs a cafe. Despite its original purpose, Redline was a hit, and its sequel will be even better. There are no other Anime movies in the works that compare to Redline. You can watch Redline online or on DVD!

Land Of The Lustrous

In a nutshell, Land Of The Lustrous is a 3D CGI series that combines traditional and CG art, a love of cliffhangers, and an interesting cast. Though it is a strange choice to refer to its cast using neutral pronouns, the series is one of the few that does so. Its characters are gender-ambiguous, so it is difficult to make comparisons to their two-dimensional counterparts.

The visuals are stunning, and the show’s CG animation matches the character designs and art style of the manga. The fight sequences are exciting and fluid, and the show’s soundtrack is excellent, switching seamlessly from serene island settings to haunting Lunarian attacks.

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Despite these qualities, however, the show is still a mixed bag, and is likely to disappoint some viewers. In general, however, Land Of The Lustrous is well worth a look, but it isn’t an anime series you should watch for long.

God Eater

The first half of God Eater grows on you. The music is memorable and the story is engaging, but it doesn’t do much to change your opinion of the game as an RPG. While it may not change the face of game-to-anime adaptations, it is still better than its predecessors. Here are five things to remember about God Eater:

The art style is reminiscent of anime, but not terribly realistic. The characters look like cardboard cutouts, but their actions are incredibly satisfying. The action is spectacular, but the overall effect is mediocre. You may enjoy the God Eater aesthetic, but it lacks the twists that make the series memorable. It is best enjoyed with a friend, though, and the game is fun to play for hours.

The game is fun and addictive, but a handful of things make it more difficult. While Monster Hunter is renowned for its hulking design, God Eater has a very anime aesthetic that makes them stand out. You’ll find many ways to upgrade your character’s appearance, such as crafting and tinkering with weapons and other gear. The game will test your skills as a fighter, but the challenge will make you want to play it again.

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