What the Shape of Your Lips Says About You

What Do People With a Big Upper Lip and Small Lower Lip Have to Say About You?


People with a big upper and small lower lips have a good parenting instinct and are empathetic by nature. They are also neurotic and introverted. It may surprise you to learn that sixty percent of men do not have an upper lip at all! Read on to discover what these traits mean about you and what you can do about them. Here are some tips:

People with big upper lip and small lower lip are naturally empathetic

Those with a large upper lip and a small lower are considered to be more empathetic and generous. They have strong parenting instincts and value their relationships. They are also likely to have an even lip structure. This lip shape also means that people with large lips are likely to have a strong sense of community. As a result, they are often more generous and helpful than others.

This characteristic evolved as an animal in parental care. Human infants use their smiling and crying to signal caregivers and other primates respond to these signals. The deaf female chimpanzee illustrates the value of interactions between humans and animals. Empathy is a highly developed trait. People with big upper lip and small lower lip are naturally empathetic. This trait is a sign of a thriving, caring culture.

The evolution of human empathy is fascinating. It has been demonstrated that the human brain can be empathetic to the feelings of other species. Interestingly, the study of empathy in other species has increased significantly over the past several decades. In the study, a research psychologist at the National Institute of Mental Health, Carolyn Zahn-Waxler, visited homes of people and observed their pets and young children’s reactions to feigned emotional distress.

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They have an excellent parenting instinct

People with an even lip shape have an excellent parenting instinct. This is because these people are highly empathetic and compassionate, and tend to spend time looking after their friends and younger siblings. They value their relationships above all else and put others’ needs first. This is a good quality for a parent. Then there are those with an uneven lip shape – people with an upper lip that is bigger than their lower lip have a good parenting instinct, too.

They are introverted and neurotic

People with a big upper lip and a small lower mouth are generally happy and outgoing. They are not into the nine-to-five office life and are often found coming up with new ways to earn money. They also tend to be curious and like trying new things. People with these characteristics may be neurotic, introverted, or both. Here’s a look at some of these traits.

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