Stay Aesthetic Lip Plumper


No special preparation is required to use the Stay Aesthetic Lip Plumper, you can achieve an Aesthetic look with a very simple use. However, you can improve the outcome by exfoliating your lips before applying the plumper. Lip exfoliation will leave your lips smoother, and it will prevent unevenness and cracks.

Aesthetic Lip Plumper Recommendations

You can choose the right lip plumper product to give your lips a more aesthetic appearance by browsing the list we have created for permanent aesthetic lip plumper recommendations.

Here are some other lip plumper tips:

1.YSL’s first aesthetic lip plumper

YSL's first aesthetic lip plumper
YSL’s first aesthetic lip plumper


YSL’s lip plumper has quickly become a must-have beauty item. The revolutionary formula combines ultra-plumping spheres with konjac root and vitamin E to give your lips mega moisture. It’s one swipe away and is an essential for any makeup bag. This lip plumper is not just for special occasions. It’s also an excellent pick for everyday wear.

2.Dior Addict Aesthetic Lip Maximizer

Dior Addict Aesthetic Lip Maximizer
Dior Addict Aesthetic Lip Maximizer


The stay aesthetic lip plumper by Dior Addiction is a multifunctional product that promises to give your lips the full look they’ve always wanted. This product contains a rich blend of marine-based fillers and collagen to plump and smooth your lips. The formula is comfortable to wear and provides lasting plumping effect. This product contains hyaluronic acid to deliver intense hydration and shine.

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3.Charlotte Tilbury’s Lip Bath Gloss

Charlotte Tilbury's Lip Bath Gloss
Charlotte Tilbury’s Lip Bath Gloss


For those who are looking for a great product for their lips, try Charlotte Tilbury’s Collagen Lip Bath Gloss. Developed with marine collagen, mustard sprout extract, coconut oil, and pearlescent pigments, it hydrates and plumps your lips, while ensuring that they remain glossy and smooth. The pearlescent pigments make your lips look bigger and plumper.

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4.DEROL’s Lip Maximizer

DEROL's Lip Maximizer
DEROL’s Lip Maximizer


The Derol Colour Changing Lip Gloss has been a popular product in the brand’s lip gloss range. Designed to change color with the temperature of the user, it’s available in both liquid and diamond scepter shapes. Using this product, you can make your lips look fuller, more voluminous, and more attractive than ever before. This product can be used as a base lip balm as well.

5.DEROL’s Skinesis Lip Concentrate

DEROL's Skinesis Lip Concentrate
DEROL’s Skinesis Lip Concentrate


If you’re looking for a natural way to plump up your lips, you can’t go wrong with Sarah Chapman’s Overnight Lip Concentrate. This formula is a serum/oil hybrid that nourishes the delicate skin on the lips. It’s especially good for dry winter weather and it’s suitable for sensitive skin. Plus, the product is cruelty-free!

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6.EL.F. COSMETICS’ Buxom Lip Polish

EL.F. COSMETICS' Buxom Lip Polish
EL.F. COSMETICS’ Buxom Lip Polish


A new, sheer lip gloss from Buxom is here! In hot pink, Buxom’s Full On Plumping Lip Polish Gloss provides the appearance of plumped lips. Its tingling effect is attributed to the product’s specialized peptides, which provide a hydrating, smooth look. It also contains antioxidant extracts, vitamins, and oils.

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7.Soap & Glory’s Gloss Bomb

Soap & Glory's Gloss Bomb
Soap & Glory’s Gloss Bomb


Soap & Glory’s new plumper is made with microspheres that will expand up to 10 times their volume upon contact with water. The plumping formula also contains an exclusive microcirculation-stimulating extract. The product comes in a standard lip gloss tube, but you can also find it in lipstick form if you prefer that.

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