Trends in Aesthetic Lips


You’ve probably seen pictures of celebrities rocking the latest trends in aesthetic lips, such as the “Cherry Lips” trend. But the cherry lips trend is not all fun and games. In fact, this trend is actually a nod to the ‘filler shape’ that was first popularized by actress Angelina Jolie. A Korean dermatologist, Kang Jong Bum, says that Koreans prefer the cherry aesthetic because it adds natural-looking volume and dimension.

Cherry lips

Cherry lips
Cherry lips

A trend in Korean cosmetic surgery is using cherry lips for aesthetics. It’s not so much about the color of the lips as it is about the shape. Cherry lips are made by inserting filler into the middle portion of the lips for volume and natural-looking dimension. K-pop stars have been using cherry lips for years to achieve a more rounded appearance. A doctor can create the same look using a variety of fillers.

Cupid’s bow technique

Cupids bow technique
Cupids bow technique

If you have ever wanted to enhance your lips, you have probably heard of the Cupid’s bow technique. It is an aesthetic procedure in which small amounts of filler are applied to the lip’s border and body. The effect is a subtle, but defining, fuller appearance. This technique can be a natural way to enhance your lips, and is also similar to applying lipstick. The only difference is that it uses a different technique than regular lip enhancement.

Russian lip technique

Russian lip technique
Russian lip technique

The Russian lip technique, also known as a cherry aesthetic, creates an over-exaggerated, doll-like lip shape. While the goal of this technique is to improve asymmetry, it has been taken to extremes. The Russian lip technique takes about 30 minutes and may cost a little more than traditional lip augmentation procedures. While it may be the ideal choice for someone who is worried about bruising and swelling, it should not be used on the most severely asymmetrical lips.

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Botox lip flip

If you are considering getting a Botox lip flip, there are some things to consider before going through with the procedure. It is not recommended for patients who are under 21 years old and have a history of neuromuscular disorders.

If you are pregnant, have had a cold sore, or are currently breastfeeding, you should consult with a doctor before going through with the procedure. You should also know that Botox can cause serious side effects, so you should not opt for this procedure if you are in any of those situations.

Hyaluronic acid filler

Almost everyone dreams of having cherry lips. Hyaluronic acid fillers are the most popular choice for creating the shape. Although most fillers last anywhere from three to twelve months, cherry lips are not permanent. The fillers will dissolve over time and gradually return to their original shape. There are certain precautions that you should take before getting a lip injection. Before the procedure, avoid taking any supplements or blood-thinning medications.

Red lollipops

The new cherry lip trend isn’t just for fun. It’s a nod to a popular filler shape in Korea. Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie’s signature voluminous lips made the trend popular in America. Dr. Andrew Zwyghuizen, MD, assistant professor of surgery at Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, explains that Koreans prefer the cherry aesthetic because it adds natural-looking volume and dimension.

Trends in Aesthetic Lips Dr Nina

Whether you are looking for a youthful look or just want to add a bit of volume to your lips, lip filler may be an option for you. The procedure can add volume and give you a more youthful appearance, although it cannot be used in the outer corner of your lips.

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If you want to retain your youthful appearance and feel your best, cosmetic procedures may be the best option for you. Dr Nina Cherry has been a part of the hit E4 show Bodyfixers, and she is an aesthetic surgeon who uses the Golden Ratio to achieve the best results.

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