Which lip type is yours?

Why Are There So Many People With Big Bottom Lips But Small Upper Lips?


Have you ever wondered why are there so many people with large bottom lips but small upper lips? In this article, we will discuss the different characteristics and the meaning of each type. So, which lip type is yours? Read on to discover the differences and similarities of big bottom lips and small upper lips.

You may even discover what your lips are actually made of! After all, they do have some similar characteristics. So, if you have a big bottom lip, you’re probably happy, adventurous, and like to explore new places and activities.

Lip Shape

If your top and bottom lips are large in proportion to each other, you have what is known as a “bottom heavy” lip shape. This type of lip shape is often seen in models and movie stars. Those with large bottom lips can easily enhance their lips with a liner by applying it around the natural line of your lip. Apply lip color over the liner to create a beautiful pout. You may also want to consider using lip color to accentuate the shape of your upper lip.

Lip Size

A woman with a big bottom and small top lip may be wondering how to make up her small top and define her upper lip. The answer is to use a lip liner and concealer to define the upper lip line. If you want a softer look, use concealer or foundation to soften the top lip line. Makeup artist Savannah St. Jean explains the process in her book. Listed below are some ways to make up a woman with a big bottom lip and a small upper lip.

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Lip Size
Lip Size

Lip Characteristics

A person with a large bottom lip and a small upper one has a strong leadership quality. This person is highly energetic and charismatic. They are able to convince others and enjoy emotional drama. They have a high self-esteem and value relationships highly. However, this person may find romance challenging. Therefore, it is recommended that they consider the traits mentioned below to help them cope with the situation.

What Do People With a Big Upper Lip and Small Lower Lip Have to Say About You?

Glossy Lipsticks

When your upper lip is smaller than your bottom lip, you might be wondering what kind of lipstick to choose. You may be confused by the sheer variety of choices on the market. Thankfully, there are some great options for you! Read on to discover what you need to know! Listed below are the best options:

Glossy Lipsticks
Glossy Lipsticks

Lip Tints

Whether you have a huge bottom lip or a small upper, there are many different kinds of lip tints that you can choose from. Tints that are good for the skin on your cheeks are also great for those with large lips. These products glide on your lips smoothly and easily. You can also use a lip brush to apply the tint to your cheeks. They will provide your lips with a healthy look and feel.

Lip Liner

If you have a big bottom lip and a small top, you may have a lip shape called a “bottom heavy”. A good way to add more volume to the lower part is to use a lip liner. Make sure to apply it just inside the lip line. Fill in the rest of the lip with concealer or foundation. Makeup artist Savannah St. Jean has some tips to help you accentuate the upper and bottom lip.

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