Aesthetic Lip Drawings


Aesthetic lip drawings are often the first step to completing a drawing. The basic shapes for lips are a circle with a vertical line in the middle, and then a perpendicular line below the middle. An ellipse is a common shape for lips, and can be added to the bottom half of an upper lip. Some lip shapes have teeth visible. Lips will be shaded accordingly, with the corner of the mouth being darkest.

Easy girl drawing tutorial

In this easy girl aesthetic lip drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw a pair of lips with just a pencil and a paper blender. The top part of your lips should be outlined with a vertical line and the bottom portion should be drawn as a curved line. The tip of your pencil should be slightly larger than the bottom of your circle. In order to create a perfect set of lips, you will also need to draw a cupid’s bow.

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drawing of realistic lips


It is important to remember that it is okay to try and make mistakes! Don’t be discouraged if the first drawing doesn’t turn out exactly the way you wanted. Just practice by trying different triangle shapes and positions of the guides in STEP 2. If you find this tutorial useful, don’t hesitate to share it! It helps support the RFA.

Please consider sharing it with your friends and family. These tips will help you create a beautiful set of lips in no time.

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Cute girl drawing tutorial

The first step in drawing lips is to draw the contour of the lips. Draw a circle with a vertical line in the center. Next, draw a line below the middle extending beyond the circle. You can also use a triangular shape to create the general outline of the lips. Add a protrusion on the bottom half of the upper lip and some visible teeth to the upper lip. Shade the lips according to their shape. The corners should be the darkest and the top part of the lips should be the lightest.

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 Aesthetic Lip Drawings
Aesthetic Lip Drawings


The eyes of the “beautiful girl” character can be placed at a slight angle below the halfway point. The forehead should be large and the eyes should be narrow and thick. Avoid adding any details on the eyes. After the lips, finish off your drawing by adding extra hair folds and a beauty mark on the face. This will make the girl look more beautiful. You can also add a beautiful brow to add more detail.

Realistic Aesthetic Lip Drawings

If you want to learn how to draw realistic lips, you can use reference photos. The internet is full of photos of various facial expressions. A book titled Facial Expressions contains hundreds of different images of people with different expressions. To learn how to draw realistic lips, use the techniques described in this article. If you want to draw realistic lips, take your time. The process will take time, but it will be well worth it in the end.

One line drawing of realistic lips

When learning to draw lips, start by dividing the area into smaller blocks. Use a reference image that has a black and white version. This will make the area look more natural. You can also use browns and blues to create a warm, natural black. The bottom lip is lighter than the rest. Use a pencil with light pressure to blend the lines. Start with darkest areas of the lips, such as the top lip’s corner, cracks, and the top and bottom lips’ separation. Use a 2H pencil to reach the paper valleys, as it won’t leave white dots.

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drawing of realistic lips
drawing of realistic lips

Creating a cupid’s bow

The cupid’s bow is the triangular or oval line on the upper lip that forms the lower base of the philtrum, a ridge between the nose and mouth. The bow provides a specific appearance to the vermillion border. The bow is named after the Roman god Cupid, who shoots golden arrows. The word philtrum comes from the ancient Greek phrase for “love potion.”

Aesthetic lip drawings are another option for enhancing the lip region. These can be achieved with fillers, which add subtle fullness to the lips. Hyaluronic acid fillers are popular for this purpose, as they mimic the look of lip liner. They can also sculpt the lip area and create the shape of a Cupid’s Bow. The procedure can take several sessions, depending on the size and shape of the lips.

How to draw a cupid’s bow

The aesthetic lip can be defined using various methods. There are two main methods used to draw a cupid’s bow: a pencil and a soft eraser. You can also use a soft HB pencil for the purpose. The first method involves drawing a horizontal and vertical arc on the aesthetic lip. The top of the horizontal arc should be wider than the bottom. The left and right sides of the oval should be about the same distance apart. Once you’ve drawn the lips, you can add the cupid’s bow to the top of the oval.

Another method involves drawing the top lip outline. This outline should be like a cupid’s bow. Then, you should draw the bottom lip by drawing a curved line that does not go beyond the triangle base. You can also draw a horizontal line that guides you when you open your mouth. Make sure that you follow the lines carefully so that the final result looks as desired.


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