How to Find an Experienced Aesthetician


If you’re looking for an aesthetician in your area, consider choosing someone with plenty of experience. Not only will they be knowledgeable about different procedures, but they’ll also be fully insured, protecting you in case of malpractice. How to find an experienced aesthetician; Any aesthetician without insurance should raise red flags for you.

How to Find an Experienced Aestheticians

Experienced aesthetician and aestheticians  should also be willing to show you before and after photos. And they’ll be happy to discuss their experience and techniques. Read on to learn more about finding the perfect aesthetician.

Find an Experienced Aestheticians
Find an Experienced Aestheticians

Hyaluronic acid fillers

Hyaluronic acid fillers are injected into the lips to create the appearance of fuller, smoother lips. This type of filler is not only safe, but can also be used to correct the appearance of other areas of the face, such as smile lines, crow’s feet around the eyes, and depressions in the cheeks. When injected into the cheeks, large volumes of HA may last up to 24 months. However, these results are temporary, so additional injections may be necessary to maintain the desired effect.

The hyaluronic acid filler works by attracting more water than usual. This makes it ideal for aesthetic purposes, as it can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water. As a natural filler, hyaluronic acid is found in our bodies. In addition to being a popular aesthetic injectable, hyaluronic acid is also a natural substance that helps our skin stay hydrated.

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Russian lip technique

The Russian lip technique is a more complex aesthetic procedure than standard lip fillers. Rather than enhancing the lip by reshaping it, the Russian lip technique enhances it by injecting fillers into the underlying skin. These fillers are usually in the superficial subdermal plane, which is one to two millimeters deep. This subcutaneous layer acts as a strut and keeps the lip shape while drawing attention to the cupid’s bow.

Experienced Aesthetician
Experienced Aesthetician


The main difference between the Russian lip technique and classic methods is that the Russian technique adds height to the lips by reducing the philtrum and extending the cupid’s bow. While retaining a symmetrical shape on the sides, the Russian technique creates a naturally defined border between the upper and lower lip. This technique also leaves the lips looking beautiful on their own while remaining proportional to the face.

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BELOTERO(r) Lip Contour

If you’ve always wanted a more youthful-looking lip shape, consider BELOTERO(r) Lip Contor. Using a fine-gauge needle, your cosmetic injector will apply a thin layer of Belotero(r) to your lips. The treatment takes 30 minutes. After the procedure, you’ll notice a dramatic change in your lips! Be sure to avoid touching the area afterward and avoiding intense heat.

BELOTERO(r) Lip Contur is a sterile viscoelastic gel containing lidocaine. It is designed to provide volume and definition in the lips while minimizing the pain of the injection. It is compatible with all skin types and can be used by dermatologists and aestheticians alike. To apply this product, your physician will need to undergo special training and use a larger injection force.

BELOTERO(r) Lips Shape

BELOTERO(r) Lips is a lip augmentation and treatment procedure that is comprised of two hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal filler products. Its high elasticity contributes to its long-lasting results. It can be applied using a 27G 1/2 needle. In a single treatment, results are noticeable after 15 minutes. The product lasts up to nine months.

Belotero Lips Shape and Contour have been clinically tested on 146 patients. It is available in sterile glass syringes with a leaflet and two sterile needles labeled CE for single-use. The products are designed to give the lips volume and definition. Patients can resume normal activities almost immediately after treatment. Results typically last six to eighteen months.

BELOTERO(r) Lips Contour

BELOTERO(r) Lips is a resorptive and injectable filler for the lips. It is used to correct uneven lip volume and contour and to improve moderately sagging labial corners. The patented CPM technology embeds the hyaluronic acid in a cohesive gel that blends with the surrounding tissue. The final result looks natural.

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BELOTERO injection is performed by an Oculoplastic Surgeon in the SightMD office. The doctor will take your medical history and then inject the filler to the desired area. A topical numbing agent may be applied to minimize pain. The procedure will take approximately 15 minutes to one hour. Some patients may require touch-ups to achieve the desired results. However, this is not a permanent solution and may require repeat treatments.

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