Dua Lipa Lip Style Secrets


A pioneer in both the music and cosmetics sectors, Dua Lipa has made a reputation for herself with her unique style, particularly her lip makeup, and her incredible voice. For a full rundown on how to copy her appearance, this piece explores the inner workings of her signature lip styles, drawing on her own preferences as well as advice from her makeup artist.


Dua Lipa Lip Style Secrets
Dua Lipa Lip Style Secrets

Dua Lipa is making waves in the world of beauty with her daring choices and new trends; her approach is both distinctive and impactful. Every step of Lipa’s journey—from her signature blonde hair to her cosmetics successes and failures—is evidence of her fearlessness and insight into personal style. Lipa, who is hailed as a “skincare queen” by her makeup artist, stresses the significance of a strong skincare regimen as the bedrock for every magnificent makeup look, especially her renowned lip styles. Learn the secrets of Dua Lipa’s and Lisa Eldridge’s signature lip looks with this in-depth look at their makeup techniques.

The Secret Behind Dua Lipa’s Lipstick Application

Makeup artist Lisa Eldridge, who works with Dua Lipa, reveals a secret to keeping lipstick in place all day, even while wearing a mask. The key is to use a lip brush to apply a thin coat of lipstick and then wait for it to settle into the lip wrinkles before adding a second coat. This technique prevents the lipstick from becoming too runny or smudged while preserving its creamy texture.

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Dua Lipa’s Preferred Lipstick Shades

Unlike her daring hair and eye color choices, Dua Lipa is more of a stickler for consistency when it comes to her lip color. She thinks brown lipstick is the hue that best describes her and brings out her finest features, thus she has a wide assortment of tints in her cosmetic bag. Lisa Eldridge’s “Affair” brown lip gloss is one of her faves; it exemplifies her taste for understated elegance.

Elevating Skincare to Enhance Lip Makeup

Dua Lipa’s immaculate skin is the product of both her genes and her rigorous skincare regimen; the former keeps her lips and face in immaculate shape, while the latter provides the ideal base for her extensive makeup collection. A big part of Lipa’s beauty routine is making sure her face is clean and ready to go, particularly when she has a busy filming schedule. She also makes sure to recommend the best skincare products.

Tips for Emulating Dua Lipa’s Lip Style

  • A good skincare regimen should be your first step: Lipstick looks its best when applied to lips that are healthy and well-hydrated.
  • The lipstick stays longer and doesn’t bleed if applied in thin layers.
  • Try out different tones of brown: Follow Dua’s lead and choose a shade of brown that works well with your complexion and features.
  • Think about the whole look: Dua Lipa often makes sure her lip color goes with her whole makeup for a unified style.

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According to Dua Lipa’s beauty secrets, getting her signature lip styles requires more than just applying lip color. It’s about knowing your own features, choosing the correct products, and being fearless while trying new things. Embrace Dua’s daring personality and her practical approach to makeup by adding a touch of her unique style to your beauty regimen by following these insights and ideas.

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